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heyyy [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:03 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |run-snow patrol]

Hey okay so Im really not going to lie...Im trying to use this more..so its a few weeks into school and shits pretty much chaotic already,
So lets start off with the start up week of school...well a week before the first week of school was my birthday on sept 1st, and so we all were going to go to centenial for a party, right?...So yeah ti was supposed to be all good fun and fun times, but of course drama end up going down I got called a stupid bitch and a fucking whore...because I changed the plans..and that was gay, but once 'the drama' left I had a pretty good time :)
So yeah then first week started up found out manitou colours, math first period....= pure gayness, its so hard for me because I just dont understand it all right? But yah its going to totally kill me on the exam.
So skip over those few weeks nothing important happend.
But yeha on the 18th went to manitou had lots of fun with everyone there it was good :) got closer with some kids, and all that shit so yeah....
Well thats all im going to say for now because Im about to fold clothes because im about dying from having a cold/flu thing...