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bassiicccalllyyyy [Oct. 9th, 2006|03:40 pm]
[mood |contentchill]

haha yeah so basically..... Im so fucking bad at using this its horriblle....
So yeah like 2 days ago I got called gay, and was told that I act like a child....
and so to that I say "whatevs?". haha
Im just chilling its canadian thanksgiving weekend, and tomorrow is school what a shame....But what ever my weekend was pretty okay? went and hung out at sonjas on friday after our homecoming game we won :)....so yeah then on saturday went downtown with mel and jackie an didnt buy anything which was fun..but not buying shit sucks and around like 5 went over to my cousins house and celebrated thanksgiving with thai food...hahah it was chill....So yeah then on sunday I did nothing but watched v for vendetta...SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Im not even lying. But yeah So today I just chilled, and tomorrow is so school. How disapointing I have to see sum srsly g@y kidz. really Im not looking forward to it...
So time for some poetry hahaha why do all the asian kids I talk to think im emo its so retarded. HAHAH but yeah alright time for some random shit.

Im glad you've decided to move on with yourself
You were hanging onto something that wasnt even there, I never cared enough
You said you were pure throughout our friendship, but I knew that was a lie
You were so upset by what I said so you told me you were about to cry
You just wanted my sympathy, I can read you like a book
Treating me like shit, then thinking I would want to countinue our friendship...was a chance you shouldnt have took.
Im sorry you may not have understood that at the time, but Im sure you get it now
You said it wasnt a friendship if it couldnt withstand that mess,
But you were all about yourself, you thought you were the one who should be treated best.
Your jealousy took over half way through
You thought you could fuck over some of my friendships by shit talking them....is that really what you thought you were going to do?
Bitching me out after I was the one who would back you up,
Now did you really wish you called me a slut?
Im not the kind of person to forgive so easily,
So hanging up when I was making my apology will be a mistake you'll live with for enternity.
So the final goodbye comes now,
And the day you move on will be a day to remember
Becuase I dont belive a fucking word you say especially when you said that we would be friends forever.