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Woahh [Jul. 18th, 2006|01:46 am]
Okay so this is some what pathetic that I never use my livejournal anymore..I was reading over past entries and they were actually really fuuny,.Though I may not use this lj over the durration of the summer I most likely will begin to use it once school starts up again because this is pretty easy to vent with. Right so yeah,
So its now the 2nd week of summer, or something like that and I've realized I'm pretty fed up with people..its not even people that im around a lot now, its people that I left in canada and I guess its bad when they get on my nerves even when Im not around them every day..Its kind of weird how things work out. But yah I guess things will work out, so canada day was pretty fun though it was long time ago it was still pretty fun me and nev were pretty wasted and watched fire works with sonja,melanie and lacey..then a bit with the grade 9s and then back with those kids..We met some lady on shrooms and she was so happy haha oh jeez...I love hanging out with those kids they're pretty funny, and we were walking down the road to nevenas house and stuff and we were all like THEY SEE ME ROLLLING and all that haha..but yah it was chill
So since I've been down here at my moms, I've realized that I miss allison as much as I hate being around her for too long it gets boring without here down here and stuff..so yah shes coming down on the 22nd so that should be fun..

Okay schedual so far that I know:
Tomorrow (july 17th)-Swimming.
July 22nd -Picking up allison
July 23rd- Family Cookout
July 28th- Florida.
So yah thats all I know so far, it should be fun.

Hope everyone is doing alright, takecare

[User Picture]From: nyc__
2006-07-19 03:59 am (UTC)
holy shit
i could not believe my eyes when i saw this on my friend page
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[User Picture]From: uber_mest_up
2006-07-19 04:36 am (UTC)
LMFAO I know eh, honestly LJ l0l.
This is serious,
The treasurer.....its really good, if you havent seen it.
Bt yah nuckah im peacing.
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