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BLAH fuck you ucla. [Mar. 24th, 2006|01:41 am]
[mood |bitchybitchy]

Okay so I just watched the Gonazaga and Ucla game.
And I am unbelivabley pissed off right now. No fucking joke I hate UCLA and that bullshit, Gonzaga was in my top two..and its not even that Im pissed that they got knocked off my bracket its just that I liked the team in general and since Adam Morrison is a senior I would have liked to see him play more, but yeah like the whole team in general was my favourite....Ugh but yeah Duke also lost which I was supprised with but I only had them going in the top four..But yeah I still have my top team which is Connecticut. So Im hoping they'll get me some money haha
But yaeh school is fucking shit right now but art is good becasue its easy right
But as of right now I have this to complete:
+Civics Group Project worth 30%
+Civics ISU which is also worth 30% . .Fuck civics its so shit
+Art sketch book
+History chapter questions
+Literacy Test to study for
__Thats pretty much it but all of that shit is due around the same time which sucks fucking ass.
well its around 2am right now and Im still pissed off about the game so I think I'll be going to be takecare everyone